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Woah, Period Panties are Awesome!

No tampons, pads or cups required, these washable undies have a built-in absorbant layer that can hold up to 2 tampons worth of liquid - and they are comfy! These are also good for urinary incontinence issues!

Thinx has all sizes, lots of styles, and they even have activewear! YAY!

Get $10 off by following the link!

These are so sexy (wait, Periods? Sexy? Heck Ya!) and ModiBodi also makes swimsuits, activewear, pregnancy undies & absorbant breastfeeding camisoles! 

These are less expensive, but there are less styles and sizes. Still awesome!!! 

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Save Money and the Environment!

Menstrual cups are basically reusable tampons, that collect fluid in a cup. They are easy to use, they eliminate a lot of waste, and you only have to buy it once! Menstrual cups can also teach you about your cycle and flow!

Diva Cup

Probably the easiest cup to find in our area, the Diva Cup is sold at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Shopko and Target

Not only do they make a great cup, but they also have fantastic info on their website to educate yourself on anatomy and menstruation.

The Lily Cups are a different shape than most, making this style more comfortable for some women. They also offer a collapsible cup, Kegel exercise tools and other pelvic muscle strengtheners.

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Women are complicated & beautiful creatures!

Here are a few of our other favorites!

CTFO CBD & non-CBD products are affordable, incredible quality, & shipped right to your door! If CBD is new to you, it is made of hemp, there is no 'high' but it can help calm inflammation & pain, and also soothe the nervous system. Some of our favorite products are the CBD Oral Sleep Spray & the non-CBD Lash & Eyebrow Growth Serum!

This company is the pioneer when it comes to CBD products made just for female comfort! Suppositories for cramps, lube for intensifying pleasure & taking pain out of intercourse, & as soon as Wisconsin has a dispensary, they make THC tampons too!

Created by a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist & supported by our Pelvic Health Physical Therapist, these vaginal weights can help you train some of the most abused & neglected muscles as women! Intimate Rose also sells lubricant, books & more to help you reach your pelvic potential! Use our link & receive $5 OFF + Free Shipping!

Safer skin care & beauty products for the whole family! Beauty Counter has eliminated many ingredients that have been deemed unsafe in other countries, & holy cow, do we love this stuff! Worth every penny!

MommaStrong is an online exercise membership community. For only $5/month, you have access to exercise plans for pregnancy, postpartum, and any woman! Specific workouts for specific issues like diastasis recti, prolapse, back pain & more!

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