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Wholistic Massage Therapy
Headaches - Tight Shoulders - Back Pain - Chronic Stress - Scoliosis - Pregnancy

Come in. Sit down. Tell me what's going on in your life. Take a breath. What can I help with today? This is how every massage begins.

Massage Therapy is about so much more than making your muscles more pliable, increasing circulation or lowering your heart rate. It's about making you feel listened to and heard. It's about telling your body and mind that you are safe, valued and perfect just how you are. 

We may work together on that stubborn spot by your shoulder blade, or the grief of your loved one passing, or get your body ready for the giant task of child birth. Every client is different and every session is different, because YOU are different. 

3 massages $350
6 massages $685

Prepaid Massages and Gift Certificates from Sheboygan Massage are Accepted!

Contact Pam to schedule your session

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