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Lactation Help
Prep during Pregnancy - Postpartum Feeding - Weight Checks - Tongue/Lip Tie Issues -
Nipple Issues - Feeding Concerns

Breastfeeding or Chestfeeding is a natural way to provide nourishment for Baby, make your body healthier, share immunity, and bond. Most new parents think it will be easy - But it is NOT easy! 

Brittani will come to your home and help feeding time flow. She will make sure you are all set up and prepared while you are still pregnant, make sure your breast pump is ready for you, and then check in postpartum to make sure Baby is getting enough at a feeding by checking their weight before and after a meal. She can do quick checks for any issues and help guide you if you need to see a doctor for more in-depth assistance.

You are a great parent! You are able to provide exactly what Baby needs!

Brittani is on MATERNITY LEAVE until July 1, 2023
$50/hr for a single visit
$275 for Package

Package includes: Prenatal Prep visit with Pump Traning and Fitting, Postpartum Visit with Baby Weigh-in, 30 day Visit or check-in, Weekly Text/Email check-ins

(Package is good for 60 days after purchase)

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