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postpartum doula care

Once you get home from the hospital, the real fun begins! 

Sweet sounds and coos, baby smell, snuggles, first smiles... Sleep deprivation, spit up, blow out diapers... Cute outfits, photo ops, time off of work... Triple the laundry (where does it all come from?), less time to cook and clean (where does time go?), body pain (when did I use THAT muscle?)... Baby blues or Postpartum Depression...

We will gladly take care of you & your household by handling some of the mundane tasks so that you can focus on baby. We can make sure you are doing ok and provide information or resources that may make your transition to new mommyhood easier.

  • basic cooking* and snack making

  • wash dishes

  • do laundry

  • easy cleaning*

  • run errands*

  • snuggle baby while you nap*

  • assess for  possible PostPartum Depression

  • help you process your birth experience

  • assist with basic feeding issues

  • help plan a schedule for baby's sleep/eat rhythm

  • talk about sleep training baby

  • info on baby wearing

  • access to the Lending Library of books

  • help connecting to support groups and other local resources

* Sorry, we are not gourmet chefs, cleaning ladies, babysitters or a taxi service... But we are doulas & will do what we can, how we can!

send us a message and

tell us what we can do for you

daytime care rates are $35/hr, 4 hour minimum.

nighttime care rate is $300 for 8 hours.

gifting postpartum doula care is a thoughtful & heartfelt way to congratulate new parents!

Thanks! Message sent.

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