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Doula: (doo'lah)
a female helper; a handservant;
a woman experienced in childbirth who provides information,
emotional support, and physical comfort to a mother before, during, and just after childbirth;
a woman who plays a sister role


  • Massage Doula for Birth

  • Postpartum Doula

  • Full-Spectrum Trained

  • Perinatal & Infant Loss Trained

You have heard all sorts of birth stories & you naturally want whats best for your family. As a doula, we listen to Your wants in regards to Birth, and do what we can to help make sure that happens. We will support you if you want a natural birth or an epidural or pain meds. In a hospital setting, we will be there for YOU, while nurses and doctors also need to attend other birthing women. In a home setting, we will help you find your own rhythm & pace & power. As a type of Birth Coach, we will help coach your partner in the best way to participate in the birth of their child. We will make sure that even if things don't go as planned, you are able to give Informed Consent so that you are in control of your birth experience. We celebrate the birth of the parent & family just as much as we celebrate the birth of Baby. Giving birth only happens 2.2 times in a women's lifetime, it is The Most Life Changing Experience most of us have, and we deserve to make it EMPOWERING and JOYOUS in whatever way that means for each of us.

Birth Doula Care



* Prices are subject to change. Travel time will be added if you are outside of Sheboygan County.


This Essential Package includes:

  • 2 Prenatal Meetings (one in my office, one in your home)

  • Unlimited Fingertip assistance throughout pregnancy by email or text

  • Access to our awesome Lending Library of books

  • A 60 min Prenatal Massage

  • Informative Comfort During Labor class

  • Phone support from wk 38 until early labor at home

  • Continuous labor Support from the time you request us to join you until about 2 hrs after Baby arrives

  • A Postpartum check-in in your home to talk about your birth, assist with baby care & connect you with local resources

When you become a Doula Client, any & all services and classes offered by Sisterhood Services or Sheboygan Massage are available to you & your birth partner at a

15% discount

until baby is 3 months old!

postpartum doula care. natural family planning education. infant massage class. couple's classes. massage therapy. everything.

Every woman has the birthright of creation, transformation and compassion.

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