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Infant Massage

Start using touch at a very early age, and impact their immune & digestive systems, muscle development & sleep/wake cycle

Arvigo Abdominal Therapy

After birth, help your organs & muscles get back into the right places with Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Therapy

Growing Family Doula Care

It's easy to overlook yourself when you have a new addition to the family. A doula can come in to make the transition smoother

Growing Family Support Circle

On the 3rd Thursday of every month, we get together to talk & support one another in the adventure of new parenthood

Couple's Massage CLASS

Reconnect with your partner by learning trade secrets from a massage therapist. This class will help you "keep in touch" with the ones you love!

Breastfeeding Help

sometimes it's more challenging than we think it "should" be, but  breastfeeding really is what's best for you & baby. We can help

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