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Wholistic Women's Care


Thyroid issues, chronic inflammation, perimenopause, menopause, insomnia and even anxiety and depression can be a struggle for many women. Pam can guide you through drug-free ways to help your Self when dealing with these conditions.


Heavy periods, irregular periods, lack of periods, terrible PMS, endometriosis, PCOS and infertility issues. Things that are "common" that should not be considered "normal". Learn more about your body, what IS normal, and how to make your cycle healthy and smooth.


Feeding your baby is one of the top things on the mind of a new parent. Lactation guidance starts before birth to make sure you are ready for this giant job. Home visits check to make sure baby is gaining weight and that all of your feeding concerns are addressed when you need them!


In our private Sheboygan WI space, you will have space to breathe as we work together toward what you need. Leave your discomfort at the door. Physical pain, mental stress, pregnancy... Pam's hands, heart, and 20+ years of experience & training are here for you!


After pregnancy is over, your life changes drastically, and Pam is here to help your family arrange things to fit your lifestyle and routine. Trained for postpartum care, pregnancy loss and infant loss, doula care is all about helping you and your family find your footing in your way.


New Location

01 June 2023

We move our main office to our new location and prepare to see clients there!

New Services

01 March 2023

We are working on our new service lists in order to serve our clients in the best way!

New Training

10 Sept 2022

Brittani has finished her lactation training, and Pam will be finishing her hormone training in May 2023!

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